ACHEMA 2022 and Fraunhofer IME

Fraunhofer IME is represented at this year's world's leading trade fair for the process industry "ACHEMA" in Frankfurt. Together with the partner institutes of the Fraunhofer Alliance for the Lead Market Chemistry we are presenting our topics around "Regulatory Research - Testing and environmental risk assessment of chemicals, mixtures (e.g. UVCB), products and polymer".

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NER - Non-Extractable Residues



Customized Testing of UVCB

ECO'N'OMICS - Screening Development For Ecotoxicologigal Risk Prediction

Regulation of Endocrine Disruptors: The Fish Perspective

Studies on Nature and Magnitude of Residues in Fish

Alternative Methods for Bioaccumulation Assessment

Testing the Bioaccumulation of Manufactured Nanomaterials

Bioaccumulation in Fish: Aqueous and Dietary Exposure

Higher Tier Aquatic Risk Assessment