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Albuquerque W., Ghezellou P., Li B., Spengler B., Will F., Zorn H., Gand, M. Identification of intact peptides by top-down peptidomics reveals cleavage spots in thermolabile wine proteins (2021) Food Chem, accepted

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Maheshwari G., Wen G., Gessner D.K., Ringseis R., Lochnit G., Eder K., Zorn H., Timm T. Tandem mass tag-based proteomics for studying the effects of a biotechnologically produced oyster mushroom against hepatic steatosis in obese Zucker rats (2021) J Proteomics; accepted

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Zhuk T.S., Skorobohatko O.S., Albuquerque W., Zorn H. Scopes and limitations of carbonyl biocatalytic reductions with white-rot fungi (2021) Bioorg Chem 108:104651