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The core competencies of the Fraunhofer IME are structured in two divisions, "Molecular Biotechnology" and "Applied Ecology", on four locations. In Aachen and Münster, we establish demand-optimized plants, animal cells and microorganisms for various industrial applications. At the institute branch "Bioresources" in Giessen, which belongs to the "Molecular Biotechnology" division, a worldwide unique center for the exploitation of bioresources is being established. The division "Applied Ecology" in Schmallenberg concerns iteself with risk evalutation of synthetic and biogenic substances for both environment and consumers. 



Applied Ecology




Fraunhofer IME at Setac 2023

The 33rd Setac Europe Annual Meeting will take place from April 30 to May 4, 2023 in Dublin, Ireland.

Also this year, scientists from Fraunhofer IME will participate and present their research results from the scientific networks in numerous talks and posters.

We publish the abstracts, posters and presentations for you.


InVaKas - registration open!

The one week "InVaKaS - Innovation potential for valorized cascade use of by-products from juice production ” workshop with experts from Brazil and Germany, intends to map the value chain and to develop new research ideas for valorization and cascade use contributing to the sustainability transition of value chains. The workshop takes place from 20.3. to 26.3.2023 in Bahia, Brazil and aims to engage various stakeholders along the value chain to elaborate new project ideas.
Tuesday, 21.03.2023 will be organized as a hybrid event and welcomes every person interested in this topic. The workshop language will be English.


iMulch-Projekt investigated fate and impact of plastics in soils

Read the press release of the project consortium on the successful conclusion

The iMulch Leitmarkt.NRW project was successfully completed with the participation of the Fraunhofer IME in Schmallenberg. In the study, Dr Dieter Hennecke and his team investigated the fate of microplastics from various agricultural mulch films in arable soils.





Caterpillars as a replacement for mammalian models in preclinical research


Hot off the press - Nature Communications

A team around Anton G. Windfelder, scientist at Fraunhofer IME and University of Giessen, Germany, are reporting the alternative use of tobacco hornworm larvae to study chronic inflammatory bowel diseases. Together with national and international cooperation partners from Düsseldorf, Germany, and New York, USA, the scientists developed an innovative and unique imaging platform using medical imaging modalities.


On your marks, get set, go!


Together with five other Fraunhofer teams, Fraunhofer IME is breaking new ground. Today, on 6.10.2022, our crowdfunding campaign -2detect! starts.
Now we have 55 days to convince as many people as possible of our idea and to reach our funding goal. The decision is made by the crowd.
The Fraunhofer Future Foundation supports this commitment with co-funding. Our project idea: 2detect Covid or Flu? - With a 2in1 test reliable and fast to the right treatment!
Every contribution helps to make 2detect a reality!


"Protecting crops without poison"

Insects devour a third of the world’s harvests each year. How can we fight these pests without endangering the huge numbers of useful insects? Fraunhofer IME has imitated one of nature’s clever tricks to protect plants in an environmentally friendly way.


Nature thought first - we think further

Synthetic rubber has been produced and constantly optimized since the beginning of the 20th century. Nevertheless, its mechanical properties cannot compete with those of natural rubber. At the German Rubber Conference in Nuremberg from June 27 to 30, a tire where natural rubber was replaced by biomimetic synthetic rubber is presented to you. Find out how the team succeeded in reducing abrasion without the tires losing grip or low rolling resistance at the joint booth with Fraunhofer IMWS and PAZ (Science Campus, booth S9-12/-14).


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