© Fraunhofer IME | Andreas Reimann

»OrbiPlant® 's little brother«


OrbiLoop® is the compact "instore" version of the novel indoor farming system for automated vertical farming, OrbiPlant®, developed by the Fraunhofer IME.

As its name implies, the conveyor of the system does not move in a wave-like motion over several tracks like its big brother, but instead rotates vertically in a continuous single "loop". 

OrbiLoop® also employs the aeroponic watering system which provides the plants' roots with essential nutrients through an enriched spray mist. Optimal LED lighting deliberately stimulates plant growth - all as efficiently, sustainably and resource-friendly as OrbiPlant®. 

The compact design of OrbiLoop® allows for a flexible and self-sustaining plant production without any particular expert knowledge and at minimal time investment. Additionally, the design of the cultivation area is flexible and can be adjusted in height and width according to individual requirements. 

OrbiLoop® is particularly suited for small-scale "instore" application scenarios such as supermarkets as well as restaurants or canteens to cover the daily demand for fresh herbs and salad that has been grown pesticide-free, 365 days a year, independent of weather conditions and at the best quality. 

Licenses to use the vertical farming technology OrbiLoop® commercially for various application areas are available.