Workshop for the EU project "TRANSVAC2" in Aachen

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© Fraunhofer IME
© Fraunhofer IME

As part of the EU project "TRANSVAC2" (European vaccine research and development infrastructure), a cooperation for the promotion of European vaccine development projects, the Fraunhofer IME hosted two workshops in early November 2021 in Aachen, which was attended by 17 participants from 9 different nations.

In the workshop "Requirements for GMP", the participants were given a comprehensive insight into the planning and developing of vaccine production processes, taking into account the comprehensive set of regulations for the production of pharmaceutical active ingredients and active ingredient candidates ("good manufacturing practice"; GMP). With the help of external speakers from industry and research, as well as Fraunhofer IME experts, topics such as GMP facility planning, documentation, clinical trial material document preparation, and assay development and validation.

In the second workshop, "Development and validation of SPR-based assays in the context of vaccine development", the theoretical basis of biomolecular interaction analysis with surface plasmon resonance (SPR) as well as various assay formats in the context of vaccine development were taught.

In addition to the theoretical work, the practical part of the workshop included experiments on the tailored functionalization of sensor chips and their use in various analytical scenarios. 

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