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You would like to get to know us and our work more closely? Meet our employees presenting our projects and research results at scientific conferences and workshops. You are also welcome to talk to us directly at the project workshops or training courses we organize. We are looking forward to meeting you.

Fraunhofer IME events, conferences, workshops and fairs

Fraunhofer IME at SETAC Europe 2021 Annual Meeting#

The SETAC Europe 31st Annual Meeting “We're presenting!” is held as a virtual conference from 3rd - 6th May 2021 and hosts scientists from Europe and overseas. Biologists and chemists from Fraunhofer IME are contributing to the meeting with several oral presentations and posters presenting their scientific network research.

Please find here selected presentrations.

Fraunhofer IME at NanoTox 2021#

20th - 22nd April 2021, Virtual Conference

The NanoTox is an international expert conference aimed at employees from research and teaching, industry, authorities and companies who deal with nanotechnology and its risk assessment for humans and the environment.  

Link to NanoTox2021.
Fraunhofer IME Poster:

Hund-Rinke et al: Environmental grouping and read-across for nanomaterials - are the properties defined by ECHA sufficient regarding green algae?

Hund-Rinke et al: Experiences with a higher tier test design simulating environmental fate and effect of medical products after the use phase.

This information will be updated continuously. Poster will be published here after the conference.

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