At our four Fraunhofer IME locations, we define innovative trend topics in molecular biotechnology, bioresources and applied ecology relevant to both science and industry.



The lighthouse project "FutureProteins" combines the production of alternative protein sources from plants, insects, fungi, and micoalgae in closed agricultural systems with an integrated utilization of all bypass products to produce further protein resources. 



The highly flexible, automated vertical farming system OrbiPlant® enables the continuous, large-scalre cultivation of various kinds of plants - efficiently, cost-effective and fully independent of weather conditions, time of day or season. 



As OrbiPlant®'s "little brother", the vertical farming system OrbiLoop® is particularly suited for small-scale "instore" plant production, e.g. in supermarkets or in the food service industry. 




Rapid, easy and reliable detection of SARS-CoV-2


Colorful potatoes

Molecular tools for targeted breeding of anthocyanin-enriched potatoes.



Understanding flower development


Targeted increase of plant biomass.




Lighting system to optimize plant cell cultures for secondary metabolite production 


Nature thinks first...

we think further...

biomimetic synthetic rubber BISYKA


Dandelion - the new source for rubber

We need alternative, sustainable sources of natural rubber.



Multipurpose  seed coating to safeguard and increase crop yields by protecting and nourishing the seedling.