Organic Trace Analysis



The Fraunhofer IME has many years of experience in the trace analysis of organic environmental contaminants (including degradation and transformation products). We offer a wide range of analyses, for example:

  •          Per- and polyfluorinated alkyl substances (PFAS)
  •          Pesticides (e.g. neonicotinoids, pyrethroids)
  •          Pharmaceuticals
  •          Volatile organic compounds (VOC) and aromatic substances (e.g. BTEX)
  •          Flavor analysis
  •          Endocrine disruptors (e.g. steroid hormones, bisphenol-A, phthalates)
  •          Substances with unknown or variable composition, complex reaction products and biological materials (UVCB)
  •          Food and cosmetic ingredients and additives
  •          Lipids (e.g. fatty acids, natural and artificial fatty esters, other highly lipophilic substances)
  •          Flame retardants
  •          Polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs) and halogenated hydrocarbons

The spectrum is continuously being expanded. All environmental media such as soil, air, water, sediment, animal and plant samples as well as human samples are examined. Thereby ecotoxicological studies or other studies with challenging test substances can be analytically accompanied. The analysis is carried out using LC-MS/MS, GC-MS(/MS), GC-FID or LC-HRMS.

The scope of the analysis is determined according to the client's requests, taking into account the factual and economic framework conditions.

The know-how of our experienced and qualified employees, the use of modern methods and equipment as well as quality assurance through accreditation and GLP (Good Laboratory Practice) approval are essential foundations of our work.

Selected Publications

MacKenzie C.; Goerke T.; Bücking M.; Heidemann M.; Leichtle A.; Ringbeck B.; Möllenkolk F.; Ploch M.; Bruchhage K.L.; Pries R. Determination of orally administered 1,8-Cineol in nasal polyp tissues from chronic rhinosinusitis patients using gas chromatography: mass spectrometry (2023) Scientific Reports.

Lämmer, R., Weidemann, E., Göckener, B., Stahl, T., Breuer, J., Kowalczyk, J., Just, H., Boeddinghaus, R. S., Gassmann, M., Kling, H.-W., Bücking, M. Evaluation of the Transformation and Leaching Behavior of Two Polyfluoroalkyl Phosphate Diesters in a Field Lysimeter Study (2022) Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry.