Institute Data

Employees of the Fraunhofer IME


At the end of 2017, 527 personnel were employed at the Fraunhofer IME locations in Aachen, Münster, Schmallenberg, Gießen, Frankfurt and Hamburg. This slight reduction (2.6 % lower than 2016) reflects the restructuring measures implemented in Aachen and Gießen. The number of staff employed in Schmallenberg and Frankfurt rose over the same period. The percentage of women working at the Fraunhofer IMEin 2017 was 52.4 %


Total budget and external financing of the Fraunhofer IME



In 2017, the Fraunhofer IME operating budget increased by 2% compared to 2016, reaching 41.1 million euros. A further 4 million euros was invested in equipment. There was a marked increase in Fraunhofer IME building activity (7.7 million euros), the main project being preliminary construction work on the new institute facilities in Gießen.

The budget included 77.1% from external revenues, equivalent to 89.7% when the largely state-funded locations in Gießen and Frankfurt are taken into account. The industry revenues rose again to a current level of 14.2 million euros. This represents 45.6% of total revenues
or 34.6% when Gießen and Frankfurt are included. Fraunhofer IME has thus achieved an excellent outcome for the year 2017 in terms of key performance figures for the Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft.