Institute Data

At the end of 2021, 430 people were employed at Fraunhofer IME locations in Aachen, Münster, Schmallenberg and Giessen. 53.5 percent of Fraunhofer IME employees were female.

In 2021, Fraunhofer IME had an operating budget of 32.1 million euros. In addition, about 2 million euros were invested in equipment. Fraunhofer IME recorded an expense of 11 million euros for construction activities, primarily the new institute buildings in Giessen and Schmallenberg.

69.3 percent of the budget was financed by external income. Economic earnings of 11.9 million euros remain at a constantly high level. This corresponds to an economic revenue share (Rho Wi) of 37.1 percent. 

In 2021, Fraunhofer IME once again achieved excellent results in the key figures of the Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft.