Cultured Meat

Traditional livestock agriculture raises significant concerns related to animal welfare, disease transmission, antibiotic resistance, and its profound impact on the environment, contributing to extensive greenhouse gas emissions and excessive land and water usage. In addition, the increasing demand for meat from the world’s growing population underscores the urgency for a sustainable, ethical, and safe alternative.

Cultured meat, also known as cultivated or lab-grown meat offers the potential to revolutionize the way we produce meat by culturing animal cells in vitro, eliminating the need to harm animals and reducing environmental destruction. 

The cultured meat industry faces numerous challenges, ranging from the establishment of immortalized cell lines, to the lack of suitable scaffolds for the cultivation of adherent cells as well as the need for efficient bioreactors to enable mass propagation and cell differentiation. To realize the full potential of cultured meat and make it a competitive and affordable, these obstacles must be overcome.

Our Cultured Meat Group is dedicated to tackling these issues head-on through cutting-edge research. We emphasize the establishment of stable, immortalized cell lines derived from agriculturally relevant animals, a critical step in scaling up cultured meat production. Moreover, we're focused on the development of cost-effective, plant-based edible scaffolds that facilitate cell attachment and meat production. Another pivotal aspect of our research involves the creation of animal-free, low-cost cell culture media tailored for optimal cell cultivation and differentiation into meat.

Bioreactors are of central importance for scaling up production while maintaining the highest levels of quality and safety. We also focus on the development and ongoing optimization of a novel type of bioreactor that can support the growth of cells and tissue maturation by means of mechanical stimulation.

Our main goal is therefore to pave the way for a future where cultured meat becomes a sustainable and accessible choice, helping to meet the global demand for protein while alleviating the environmental and ethical concerns associated with traditional meat production.  

Join us as we work towards a more responsible and promising food for the future.


Our services include:


  • Generation of stable cell lines for cultured meat production from different animal relevant species
  • Development of edible and plant-based scaffolds for cultured meat production
  • Production of growth factors and low-cost animal-free cell culture medium for cultured meat
  • Development of bioreactors to scale up cultured meat production
  • Establishment and implementation of novel processes for cultured meat production