Flow-Cytometry, or so-called FACS-Analyses (Fluorescent Activated Cell Sorting), is one of the most evolving technologies in micro- and molecular biological analyses. Its unique properties allow the measurement of several different characteristics in parallel. These measurements run with high throughput up to 200.000 events/sec and can be used for purifying or sorting of cell populations or single individual

Our facility offers versatile, skilled personal working on advanced developed FACS-instruments in an S2 certified lab area.

Technical Resources

  • BD-Influx – 5 laser,  13 fluorescence channel with small particle detector high speed sorter, in capsulated in a clean bench   
  • FACSVantage SE with DiVa option –3 simultaneous laser wavelength, eight color analyzer and high speed sorter

For analytical:

  • BD – FACSverse – 3 laser, 8 fluorescence channel with universal loader (e.g. 384 well plate) and absolute cell counting
  • 2x BD-FACScalibur – 2 laser system