We are offering our clients following services

  • Sorting of any characterizeable particle in the size range from 0.1 up to 120 µm at a velocity of up to 70.000 events per sec (turbo-, and macrosort) 
  • Sorting into virtually all devices, e.g. glass slides, 96- or 384-well microtiter plates, Terazaki plates, agar plates, PCR-tubes etc. of single cells or population. 6 distinct populations can be sorted at the same time
  • State of the art apoptosis and cytotoxicity assays 
  • Analyses of mammalian cells, bacteria, yeast, plant protoplast, algae, sperms etc. under sterile conditions
  • Many other flow cytometric cell analysis

All generated data will be converted to state-of-the-art and editable file formats. If required, we also support data analysis. 

In the case of cell sorting and further cultivation of selected cell populations we also offer cell culture services. Our laboratory provides the possibility to care for your material immediately after sorting. 

Please ask for conditions and prices.