Molecular Biotechnology

Biotechnology is the basis of the bioeconomy and contributes sustainably to the knowledge-based production and industrial use of biogenic raw materials. On behalf of our customers, the Fraunhofer IME Molecular Biotechnology Division establishes tailored plants and microbes for applications such as the production of food and renewable raw materials, the manufacture of technical and pharmaceutical proteins, and the handling of anthropogenic pollutants including greenhouse gases, which we can exploit to produce valuable substances. Our synergistic activities in the fields of green, red and white biotechnology have allowed us to become established successfully in the research landscape and on the market. We offer our partners in academia, industry and the regulatory authorities a comprehensive research and service portfolio.

Research and Development for our Customers

Our customers and partners in the pharmaceutical, agronomic, food industry benefit from our substantial portfolio of patents and technologies. With our targeted research and specialized knowledge, we are able to bring new products to market faster.


Departments of Molecular Biotechnology


The research activities of these departments play a key role in our success:


Bioprocess Engineering


Functional and Applied Genomics


Industrial Biotechnology


Plant Biotechnology


New Agricultural Systems