Thanks to their fantastic properties and abilities, insects colonize almost all habitats on earth. In the future, we humans can also benefit from the many survival strategies they have developed for this purpose. Under the direction of Prof. Andreas Vilcinskas, a globally unique center for the development of bioresources for use in medicine, plant protection and the food industry is being established in Giessen.

Research and development for our customers

With the development and use of biotechnological methods, we make insects, their molecules, cells, organs or associated microorganisms usable for applications. This results in products or services for medicine, industrial biotechnology and the food and feed industry.

Research departments Bioresources


The research activities of these departments play a key role in our success:


Natural Product Department

Nature has proven to be a valuable source of small, bioactive molecules that can be used to prevent and treat disease.


Food & Feed Improvement Agents

Within the department, sustainable solution approaches for the food and feed industry are pursued.



Pests and vector insect control

To prevent crop damage caused by insects, our mission is to develop new and environmentally friendly crop protection strategies.


Biodiversity research

Our mission is to decipher the survival tactics developed by evolution and translate them into technical solutions to societal problems.


Our projects

Learn more about the bioressorucen research projects of the Fraunhofer IME in Gießen.

»Insights into our research«

Prof. Dr. Andreas Vilcinskas, head of the Branch for Bioresources, presents the research area of ​​insect biotechnology, which pursues the goal of developing organisms as biological resources for applications in medicine, crop protection and the food and feed industry.