Tutorial: transient production of recombinant proteins

Transient production of recombinant proteins using intact Nicotiana benthamiana plants and Agrobacterium tumefaciens in a process called Agroinfiltration is a powerful tool in research and development. The fast and robust method can yield up to 1mg protein per gram fresh leaf weight. In this video we show you how the plants can be efficiently infiltrated with Agrobacterium-suspension using a simple syringe and how to homogenize plant tissue to extract soluble proteins.

Insights into research at the branch for Bioresources

Prof. Dr. Andreas Vilcinskas, head of the Branch for Bioresources, presents the research area of ​​insect biotechnology, which pursues the goal of developing organisms as biological resources for applications in medicine, crop protection and the food and feed industry.

"Natural Products for Biotechnology"

Insects are small creepy-crawlies with great potential - survival artists living in the most inhospitable places. How the molecules they produce enrich research and open up new perspectives for therapies, spotlights a new movie.