Fate and Distribution

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Physico-chemical substance properties and trace analysis of pesticides

In the IME, risk assessments for pesticides are conducted in interdisciplinary teams including efficient chemical analysis using modern equipment.

To estimate the potential exposure of non-target organisms we use our analytical equipment to determine important physicochemical substance properties and to characterize abiotic and biotic degradation, adsorption, desorption, leaching and volatilization processes.

The determination of active substances and potentially occurring metabolites is a prerequisite for the performance of valid fate studies and ecotoxicological tests. If necessary, further to active substance concentrations, the bioavailability is determined in ecotoxicological testing.

For this purpose, we develop the required analytical methods (including "multi residue procedures") for trace analyses in soil, water, sediment and organisms. For the assurance of quality, the institute has obtained a GLP certificate for the relevant test categories and is accredited according to DIN EN ISO / IEC 17025.