Doing your PhD with Fraunhofer IME

Doctoral training is a key strategy for the promotion of young scientists. We strive to achieve the highest quality of doctoral training and thus strengthen the competitiveness of our young scientists. By linking doctoral topics with publicly or privately funded research projects, doctoral students at Fraunhofer IME can look at scientific questions from an application-oriented perspective. Some students undertaking the experimental part of their doctoral research at the Fraunhofer IME are involved in the structured doctoral programs of the partner universities. In Aachen, the PhD coordinator, workers’ council and institute management developed their own program. Its modules regu­late the interaction between doctoral students and the super­vision team to the mutual benefit of both parties. Important core elements include professional quality, scientific indepen­dence, and transparent mentoring. The PhD outline during this qualification phase is the common thread. The PhD students develop their outline before the experimental work begins, and it is revisited at regular intervals together with the super­visory team. The cross-­departmental exchange of knowledge and ideas takes place at the annual PhD conference: During the discussions, doctoral students receive valuable tips and suggestions for their research.

At the Fraunhofer Institute for Molecular Biology and Applied Ecology IME, we actively support you on your way to your doctorate. We want to offer you the the best we can do, to help you achieving your PhD.

We ensure support in form of personal supervision, cutting-edge technology and regular professional trainings.

We have close ties with

  • the Department of Biology and Biotechnology of Plants at the University of Münster,
  • the Department of Applied Entomology at the Justus-Liebig University Gießen.

Current offers