SorpKinAnalysis - Implementation of a two-site aged sorption model according to EFSA PPR Panel 2018

Software Description

The software SorpKinAnalysis (two-site aged sorption model) is developed for the evaluation of aged sorption studies (Tier 2a, FOCUS groundwater leaching). It calculates rate constants and DegT50EQ values according to the recommendations of EFSA PPR Panel 2018.

Analysis. SorpKinAnalysis is a user-friendly implementation of the two-site modelling approach of kinetic sorption. It is an alternative to PEARL NEQ (Boesten and ter Horst 2012). EFSA PPR Panel 2018 proposes this approach in the scientific opinion on aged sorption studies for pesticides.

This model is recommended to derive input values for groundwater exposure models like PELMO and PEARL (FOCUS GW Tier 2a as described in EFSA PPR Panel 2018).

Schematic representation of the thematic background of SorpKinAnalysis.

As input, the user has to enter the experimental aged sorption study data on concentration of substance in liquid phase and mass of substance in soil.
As result, the user obtains a text file report containing the model input and output (e.g. statistical assessment, regulatory endpoints like kinetic rate constants or DegT50EQ values). Furthermore, a chart showing the experimental and predicted residue in time, a predicted-measured chart and a residual chart are created.

Schematic representation of the working procedure using SorpKinAnalysis.

User interface and friendliness. SorpKinAnalysis is implemented in VB.NET as a user-friendly stand-alone program. The graphical user interface is intuitive. The user does not need programming skills.