Antibody Technologies

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Workflow antibody production

Murine antibodies have been generated at the IME for many years using hybridoma technology. We support the process of antigen design and select the most suitable organism from our broad portfolio of microbial and eukaryotic expression systems for antigene production. The genetic information in an antibody can be extracted by subcloning the coding sequences, and these can be optimized and/or converted into different antibody formats (e.g. single chain antibodies) to produce antibody derivatives suitable for specific applications.

A state-of-the-art cell culture laboratory is available for antibody production, including automated cell cultivation for the generation and selection of elite antibody-producing cells. In addition to cell line development, we also conduct process development to provide an efficient production process yielding a high-quality product. A wide range of cultivation and purification equipment is available at Fraunhofer IME for recombinant antibody production in mammalian cells at scales ranging from 10 mL to 100 L.

We also carry out the characterization and functional testing of antibodies using multiple bioanalytical methods, including SDS-PAGE, gel filtration, ELISA, biomolecular interaction analysis, imaging, flow cytometry and other cell-based assays. The magnetic immunodetection analytical platform can be used for single sample analysis as well as high-throughput screening.