Escape 2.0

Estimation of Soil Concentration After PEsticide applications

Software Description

The program ESCAPE 2.0 can be used to calculate actual as well as time weighted average concentrations in soil for the parent compound and additional metabolites. Traditional total contents, but also pore water concentrations can be calculated.

In addition to SFO kinetics (single first order) the software is able to consider hockey stick – kinetics (HS), FOMC- kinetics (first order multi compartment) and DFOP- kinetics (double first order in parallel). ESCAPE can handle singular and multiple applications over a simulation period of 10 years. The user may also enter irregular application pattern within a year. ESCAPE considers different soil depths and performs corrections of actual rates dependent on the current crop interception automatically.

Visualisation of results is carried out graphically (diagram showing the simulated concentrations versus time) and tabularly based on time intervals as defined by EU or national regulations.