Magnetic Immunodetection (MID)

© Fraunhofer IME | Florian Schröper
© Fraunhofer IME | Florian Schröper

The magnetic immunodetection (MID) bioanalytical platform has numerous applications and can be used for the analysis of individual samples as well as for high-throughput screening. Throughout the MID assay, the analyte is enriched inside an immunofiltration column and subsequently labeled with functionalized magnetic nanoparticles. These magnetic labels are then quantified using a special readout device.

Murine monoclonal antibodies produced by Fraunhofer IME using hybridoma technology can be integrated with the novel MID platform. Accordingly, immunoassays have been developed for the detection and quantification of therapeutic proteins, human pathogens, plant pathogens, toxins and even small molecules. The time between the addition of analyte and the readout is usually less than 30 minutes and the assay is thus significantly faster than a conventional ELISA as well as offering greater sensitivity (down to 10 ng of target per milliliter of sample).

The magnetic particles offer a major advantage compared to other immunological assays because they can capture specific antigens from complex mixtures and low-concentration solutions. The captured antigen is then magnetically separated, resolved in a buffer and applied to the immunofiltration column for detection.

Selected Publications

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