Food Safety

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While commercial laboratories usually perform routine analysis, our focus is on the handling of complex and research-based analysis. This includes the detection of challenging organic contaminants such as perfluorinated compounds, as well as the determination of pesticide residues including their metabolites.

These tests are carried out using state of the art technologies - including the generation and identification of process contaminants by lab scale food processing and 14C-analysis. Fast detection methods, which can be directly used in food production, are developed in cooperation with the Fraunhofer Food Chain Management Alliance.

Selected publications

Felizeter, S., de Voogt, P., Jürling, H., Müller, J., Kotthoff, M.:
Aufnahme von perfluorierten Carbon- und Sulfonsäuren durch Pflanzen unter Feldbedingungen. Lebensmittelchemie 68 (2014) 53 (DOI: 10.1002/lemi.201490019)

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