Antibody Technologies

Murine antibodies have been generated at the IME for many years via the hybridoma technology. Based on this, our expertise has been growing into other areas of the antibody field. A state-of-the-art cell culture laboratory including automated cell cultivation focuses on the generation and selection of elite antibody producing cells. Purification of antibodies as well as characterization and functionality analyses (using gel electrophoresis, ELISA and plasmon surface resonance) is an integral part of our routines. Cloning of the genetic information coding the antibodies and the subsequent recombinant optimization and/or the generation of other antibody formats (e.g. single chain antibodies) can be performed to attain an antibody tool suitable for a specific assignment.

Beside the hybridoma technology, Chinese hamster ovary (CHO) cell culture including cell line and process optimization is also employed by us to provide high quality antibodies.

For the concept, production and purification of antigens for immunizations we offer advice and assistance.