Quality Assurance

GLP, Accreditation, GMP

GLP Certificate (Good Laboratory Practice) for chemicals and other test materials for the following test categories: 

            Category 1: Phyical-chemical testing

            Category 3: Mutagenicity studies

            Category 4: Environmental toxicity studies on aquatic and terrestrial organisms

            Category 5: Studies on behaviour in water, soil and air; bioaccumulation and

            Category 6: Residue studies 

            Category 7: Studies of effects on mesocosms and natural ecosystems

            Contact: Dr. Cornelia Bernhardt

Accreditation according to DIN EN ISO/ IEC 17025 to perform tests in the area of "chemical and chemical-physical analytics". The accreditation certifies the following tests: 

Gas chromatography

High performance liquid chromatography

Atomic spectrometry

Sample preparation

And some test procedures relating to the categories:
photometry, electrochemical proceeding, physical indices, gravimetry, sum parameters and sampling

for the investigation of water, soil, sewage sludge, sludge, sediments, air, consumer products, environmental samples, and biological materials.

Contact: Dr. Cornelia Bernhardt

GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) manufacturing licence according to § 13  AMG in different expression systems

In 2009 the IME obtained the manufacturing licence according to § 13 Medical Preparations Act for clinical-grade active pharmaceutical ingredients. The GMP facility features two independent production suites, each with a working volume of up to 350 L and matching

Contact: Dr. Jürgen Drossard