With its Applied Ecology division located at Schmallenberg the Fraunhofer IME is the Fraunhofer Institute explicitly dedicated to ecological issues and thematically routed in agricultural production.

The overall aim of the division is to determine, assess and finally minimize the risk of synthetic and natural substances for ecosystems, and for humans via contamination of food, feed and consumer products.

Our activities focus on the characterization and assessment of the environmental friendliness of substances and products, such as plant protection products, biocides, human and veterinary medicinal products, industrial chemicals (REACH) and, e.g., nanomaterials. Based on our chemical-analytical competence, our activities also include project work aiming to ensure food safety and quality.

We carry out a large part of our contract research projects for clients from industry and medium sized enterprises. With projects performed for governmental agencies, consultancy services and expert memberships in regulatory boards the institute also takes considerable influence on environmental policy.

Our five business areas address clients from different chemical sectors, the food manufacturing and processing industries, and governmental agencies.

The individual projects are carried out in interdisciplinary cooperation of our specialists from the different departments structured according to our core competencies.