Pharmaceutical Technology and Nanosciences

In recent years, nanotechnology has emerged as a global industry. Nanocrystals and nanocarriers have been utilized to increase the bioavailability of poorly soluble API or to delivery drug substances to a specific site of action. Translating these approaches into new drug products has been a challenge to the existing technologies.

We offer nanocarrier and nanocrystal technology, in vitro release testing of nanosized formulations and physiology-based pharmacokinetic (PBPK) models for predicting the in vivo performance of nanoformulations (IVIVC).

Formulation development

  • Feasibility studies and formulation development for drugs and drug candidates
  • Optimization of the in vitro release profile of micro- and nanoformulations
  • Selection of process parameters for nanocarrier synthesis and scale-up
  • Selection of specification ranges
  • Biorelevant in vitro release tests for nanoformulations

Technologies for synthesis

  • Continuous flow nanoprecipitation
  • Hot Melt Extrusion
  • Nanomilling
  • Self-assembling systems
  • SNEDDS, SMEDDS, liposomes

Analytical technologies

  • Dispersion releaser technology
  • Particle size characterization
  • In vitro release models for nanomedicines and medical devices
  • In vitro digestion models for nanomaterials
  • Exposure models for nanomaterials

Selected Publications

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