Molecular Genetics

Several diseases (e.g. pain, multiple sclerosis, inflammatory diseases) which are in the research focus of our project group exhibit a genetic background, but depend on environmental and lifestyle factors, too. These factors influence the pathogenesis, the etiopathology as well as the variety of therapeutic options and the therapeutic success.

We establish and apply methods to identify and to analyze genetic as well as epigenetic factors, in order to use them for the development of diagnostic markers as well as therapeutic approaches.

Next-generation sequencing

  • Gene variant analyses (SNPs/INDELs)
  • Phage display sequencing

Global DNA methylation analyses

  • TAMRA-cytidine incorporation assay
  • LINE-1-CpG analyses

Specific DNA methylation analyses

  • Methylation-sensitive melt curve analyses (MS-HRM)
  • Bisulfite pyrosequencing
  • “Epigenetic Aging” analyses

Genome-wide DNA methylation analyses (in cooperation with Functional Genomics group, Fraunhofer IGB)

  • Reduced-representation bisulfite sequencing (RRBS)

Histone modifications

  • Multiplex-ELISA (Luminex system)

Selected Publications

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