Drug Identification/Medicinal Chemistry

We offer services in drug synthesis, in silico drug design, virtual screening, fragment-based screening and pharmacological characterization of lead structures on molecular and cellular levels.

Medicinal chemistry

  • COX inhibitor2
  • 5-Lipoxygenase inhibitors
  • LTA4 hydrolase inhibitors
  • Dual 5-lipoxygenase/ soluble epoxide hydrolase inhibitors
  • PPAR and FXR ligands
  • g-secretase inhibitors
  • Multitarget inhibitors

In silico Drug Design

  • Ligand based virtual screening (pharmacophore, shape-based, 2D methods)
  • Structure based virtual screening (docking studies)
  • QSA analysis
  • Computer-based design of focused compound libraries

Analytical characterization         

  • NMR, LC-MS

Target identification

  • Target fishing
  • Proteomics and SNP analysis
  • Reporter gene assays
  • Signal transduction
  • Enzyme assays

Selected Publications

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