Multiple Sclerosis

A research focus within TMP is on neurodegenerative diseases. We are investigating cellular and molecular mechanisms of relevance to multiple sclerosis (MS) in a variety of experimental models using pathological, pharmacological and behavioral approaches. The project group is pursuing new therapeutic strategies for MS based on the repositioning of established agents that have been approved previously for different indications. Detailed investigation of immunological, functional, cognitive and behavioral processes, using outcome assessments such as optical imaging, permits the precise profiling of the properties of test compounds.

Selected Publications

de Bruin NMWJ, Schmitz K, Schiffmann S, Tafferner N, Schmidt M, Jordan H, Talmon S, Häußler A, Tegeder I, Geisslinger G, Parnham MJ (2016) Multiple rodent models and behavioral measures reveal unexpected responses to FTY720 and DMF in experimental autoimmune encephalomyelitis. Behavioural Brain Res 300:160-174

Schmitz K, de Bruin N, Bishay P, Männich J, Häussler A, Altmann C, Ferreirós N, Lötsch J, Ultsch A, Parnham MJ, Geisslinger G, Tegeder I (2014). R-flurbiprofen attenuates experimental autoimmune encephalomyelitis in mice. EMBO Mol Med, 6:1398-422.