In order to improve the development of new diagnostic procedures and therapies in the indication area of immune-mediated and inflammatory diseases (such as rheumatoid arthritis, psoriatic arthritis and systemic sclerosis), biomaterials are collected and stored in the biobank of and the research division Translational Medicine of Fraunhofer IME. These samples can be  provided to internal and external cooperation partners for defined research projects. A specifically developed documentation system provides the ideal basis for the detailed recording of the clinical phenotype and the classification of the clinical picture. These data can thus be provided together with the biomaterial sample for subsequent analyses.



Biomaterial collection from patients with immune-mediated and inflammatory diseases

Collection of biomaterial samples (blood, skin, stool, urine) from the outpatient departments of the University Hospital Frankfurt, especially from the indication areas dermatology and rheumatology.

© Uli Planz, Fraunhofer CIMD
© Uli Planz, Fraunhofer CIMD
© Uli Planz, Fraunhofer CIMD

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