Translational Medicine

Translational medicine contributes steadily and substantially to the development of new approaches for the diagnosis and treatment of diseases that are inadequately understood or controlled. The field of translational medicine spans the value chain, from target identification through active agent screening and translational preclinical validation to clinical trials. One research focus is the repositioning of known active agents within the disease areas of pain, rheumatoid arthritis, sepsis, multiple sclerosis and inflammation. We offer a specialized spectrum of disease models as well as highly sensitive analysis, bioinformatics and biomarker platforms. Our clinical trials follow quality-by-design standards to reduce attrition rates and generate as much scientifically relevant information as possible.

The research area is distributed between the locations Hamburg (ScreeningPort) and Frankfurt (Translational Medicine and Pharmacology).


Business Fields Translational Medicine and Pharmacology


Medicinal Chemistry
Drug Formulation
Drug Validation
Biomedical Analytics
Predictive Clinical Models
Clinical Research


Business Fields ScreeningPort - Drug Discovery


Assay Development & Screening
Stem Cell Models
Biomarker & Translational Research
Pharmacological Bioinformatics
Technology Assessment


Fraunhofer Cluster of Excellence for Immune-Mediated Diseases

The primary goal of the Fraunhofer Cluster of Excellence for Immune-Mediated Diseases is the translation of innovative ideas and identified targets into individualized therapies for immune-mediated diseases. In the medium term, the collaborating institutes want to bridge the existing gap from research on novel medications to what is actually available to patients.