Generation of Monoclonal Antibodies and Production

The Fraunhofer IME offers custom monoclonal antibody (mAb) generation and production within four to six months. The development process is divided into four phases. Customers have the option of stopping the hybridoma development prior to the beginning of the next phase. We will proceed to the next phase only after confirmation by the client. The client is invoiced for each phase at its initiation. We handle all hybridoma technology procedures from immunization of mice to final sub cloning, cell line expansion as well as antibody production and purification. The types of antigens that can be routinely used for production of mAbs are bacteria, virus particles, cells and a wide range of proteins, peptides and conjugates. Customers need to supply 1-2 mg of antigen and confirm that the hybridoma supernatants that we identified by ELISA contains antigen specific mAbs binding to the target of interest and the utility of these antibodies in their specific applications. Upon feedback we will transfer to the customer all positive clones (unless otherwise specified) and a detailed protocol of all working steps.