Cryopreservation of Plant Cells

A major issue in the development of plants and plant cell cultures towards industrially useful expression systems is to ensure consistency of quality and yield of the production processes.

A prerequisite is the availability of starting material of consistent quality. In industrial processes, especially in the production of pharmaceuticals, this is achieved by the cryopreservation of microbial cultures or animal cell cultures, usually in liquid nitrogen, in the form of Master and Working cell banks. 

Although plant cell lines have been successfully frozen and restored from cryopreservation, this is not an established and commonly used technique, because the protocols must be adapted to individual cell lines and the parameters of pretreatment, freezing and regeneration steps must be meticulously met.

At the Fraunhofer IME we have succesfully established cryopreservation protocols for several plant cell lines. We are currently working on the expansion of our protocols and on generating protocols for different plant cell cultivars.

The IME's IPP department offers the generation and transfer of plant cell cryocultivation methods as a service.