Novel Immunodiagnostics and -therapeutics

Antigen-specific and potentially novel pharmaceutic agents are developed from immunized animals essentially via hybridoma technology and from human beings via EBV transformation. The resulting sequence information to the corresponding immunoglobulin genes is used to clone single stranded antibody fragments. To optimize the constructs, additional recombinant technologies are used to end up in tailor-made novel products. Biological efficiency is documented in established in vitro and in vivo test systems including molecular imaging. After having finished these analyses, the recombinant proteins are further modified into diagnostically or therapeutically applicable products. These research activities are perfectly matching with the ones of the Department for Experimental Medicine and Immunotherapy at the Institute for Applied Medical Engineering of the University Hospital Aachen.



The PharmedArtis GmbH in the Fraunhofer IME is engaged in the marketing of recombinant immunotherapeutics produced in bacteria, yeast and mammalian cells.



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* joint senior authorship