Bioassay Development

Modern immunological and microbiological detection methods put more and more aid to doctoral diagnosis and help substantially to control cost in health systems by establishing standard and automated procedures wherever possible. Starting from established ELISA-based systems, such as Influenza-Test and Troponin-Test, which started their development some 30 years ago, todays systems are more and more based on biochip based automation which also allows cost effective routine screening procedures (such as blood-bank screenings for HIV and HCV).

Within the research area “Bioassay Development” we take advantage from classical to recent molecular-biology based antibody technology in order to develop modern diagnostic assays. Methods covered contain classical Köhler-Milstein procedures, which are used to generate standard antibodies against purified or recombinant expressed protein or peptides for routine diagnostic purposes, but also recombinant antibody engineering focused on generation of specialized, chemically inert and biological stable antibody derivatives for use in different biochip based platforms. In order to do so different methods of protein engineering, such as Phage display, but also methods of label-free antibody measurement (Biacore) and label-based antibody measurement (Flow cytometry) are available. Produced antibodies are, in close cooperation with industry leading enterprises for medical engineering, integrated in modern optical, electrical or impedance-based biochip bases automated assays.