Antibodies represent a key position

Nowadays, antibodies are representing a key position in the constantly growing biotechnological pharmaceutical industry. More than 30 antibodies have been worldwide approved as new therapeutic agents and this will tendency will be increasing during the next years. Some of these have already reached block buster status and generated revenues of more than 1 billion EURO. Based on solid know how on the expression of recombinant immunological proteins and fusion proteins in bacteria and mammalian cells, major topics of work in the department are both the development as well as the optimization of economically and pharmaceutically relevant diagnostic and therapeutic agents for clinical application in man and animal.


You want to secure constant productivity of your most important hybridoma clone.
We not only will save the corresponding immunoglobulin sequence, we also will delineate a recombinant antibody derivative which allows cheap and efficient production!

You have identified a diagnostically relevant antigen.
We will use your antigen for the selection and identification of specific antibodies and might consecutively use them to build up an in vitro diagnostic assay (see major topic „bioassay development“) or in vivo applicable contrast agents!

You have isolated a disease-specific, therapeutically relevant antibody.
We will characterize the clone using different cells based on his specific binding (ELISA, flow cytometry, immunohistology), his internalization behavior (flow cytometry, fluorescence/confocal microscopy) and develop in cooperation with you a tailor-made recombinant immunotherapeutic agent (see major topic „novel immunodiagnostic and immunotherapeutic agents“)!

You have some difficulties in expressing a recombinant antigen.
We will find the right organism for expression and will be providing special procedures for difficult proteins!

You want to demonstrate the biological activity of your disease-specific therapeutic agent in a preclinical animal model.
We will use our proprietary SNAP-Tag technology, to show the specific targeting kinetics to the diseased lesions by optical imaging and will extract the appropriate data for an individualised treatment strategy!