Calculation of the maximum residue value in fish feed



Model Description

DietaryBurdenCalculator is a user-friendly stand-alone software for the calculation of maximum residue value in fish diet.

Analysis. The feed components are characterized by fixed percentages of carbohydrate concentrate; protein concentrate and fat of the feed components are regarded. The program is able to consider the target needs of two important aquaculture species, rainbow trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss) and common carp (Cyprinus carpio). Furthermore, a maximum reasonably balanced diet (MRBD) approach is considered.

As input, the user has to enter the residue values for the feed components of an active substance. Each feed component with a positive residue value can be considered in calculation. The maximum dietary burden is calculated by using the Simplex-Method. The program offers as result a written txt file report containing the model input and output, a pie chart presenting the feed composition of the diet and the dietary load of the single feed components, and a table summarizing the result.

User interface and friendliness. DietaryBurdenCalculator is implemented in VB.NET as a user-friendly stand-alone program. The graphical user interface is intuitive. The user does not need programming skills.