Soil Improvement and Utilization of Waste Material

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The consequent realization of sustainability also requires a far-reaching reuse of wastes, which mainly are applied on or incorporated in soils. The maintenance of soil quality together with the precautionary principle demand a comprehensive quality assessment of all products intended for reuse.

The quality assessment of "products", such as sewage sludge, composts, biocides or remediated soils can focus on the manufacturing process by simulating procedures such as remediation, composting or fermentation in a scale up to 2 m3, if necessary by adding isotopically labelled compounds. In this way, the fate and degradation processes of contaminants can be determined. On the other hand, the behavior of products such as secondary raw fertilizers which are produced on a technical scale, is investigated during and after application. These investigations can be carried out on different scales reaching from pot experiments to large lysimeters.

The investigations comprise the application and development of path-related specific extraction procedures that allow the determination of the pollutant portions on the basis of chemical analyses. Depending on the problem addressed ecotoxicological test (systems) are additionally applied.


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