IME Master Class

The Fraunhofer IME Master Class started in January 2018. To promote the Master‘s students, the Fraunhofer IME supports early involvement in application­ oriented research projects, participation in external and internal workshops such as »Design of Experiments«, »Protein Expression« oder »Aquatic Exotoxicology«. In addition, we offer insights into everyday professional life in the Fraunhofer IME Career Insights network. As part of the network, Master‘s students exchange ideas with our resear­chers, project managers, and group and department heads. They are committed to providing young researchers with advice and support for the next stages of career planning. We also enable selected, excellent young researchers to actively participate in scientific congresses.

Pre-thesis research projects

You want to find out whether conducting the experimental part of the Master thesis at Fraunhofer IME is the right thing for you? We offer a variety of pre-thesis research projects in various fields of molecular biotechnology, applied ecology and bioresources.

The research projects are typically integrated into the regular scientific workflow at the respective Fraunhofer IME site and will thus provide excellent insights into novel cutting-edge developments.


Taking part in workshops is a good opportunity to accelerate your studies. During these short and intensive courses you will gain further insides in e.g. your research topic and new innovative methods.

Workshops will be offered internally, by Fraunhofer IME experts.

Career insights

You’re getting closer to graduation, but you still have no clue which career path to choose.
Want to get insights into daily work routines of senior staff at Fraunhofer IME at various levels and from different backgrounds?
Come and join the network IME Career Insights - as part of the network you get in contact with our Research fellows, Project managers, Group managers, and Head of departments.

Find out about their job profile and how they managed their career start.

Attending conferences and fairs

You are making great progress and gained good results to be presented to the research community. Or you developed an innovative new method or device to be demonstrated to putative customers. Go out and present it to the public - we can offer you financial support!

Current offers for master's students